Boy, what a difference 220ms makes as I currently sit at ~9ms or so (and the NBN hasn’t even reached my area yet). I used to need more than 1 token to complete the Whack-A-MoleShooting Arcade and sometimes Tonk Challenge dailies. In fact, I had so many Darkmoon quick-shots yesterday, it was almost continuous but I also undershot the bullseye by an embarrassing distance. I used to release my wings just as I hit the shoreline but yesterday made such a difference. It took several attempts to even reach the ring which was something I was pretty good at before now.

Firebird's Challenge

The most frustrating thing on the island is the blazing rings for Brood of Alysrazor since the rings are shared with other players, invisible or suddenly phase out – even when you don’t even see other players zooming through them. Players were even flagging themselves on a low PVE server to try and get their own rings but this would only work if it wasn’t common knowledge. According to Jeremy Feasel, everyone should see their own set of rings but I’ve never experienced this on the beta or live. Fortunately, a fix is in the works so until then, the Blazing Wings may have to wait (unless luck and timing are on your side).

Syd the Squid

Syd the Squid chance to loot from the reward bag (see video for pet strategy)

On a more positive note, the RNG fairy must have been around as I managed to get Syd the Squid from my very first tamer bag (thanks to one of my earlier teams on the beta). Considering how long it took to get the Darkmoon Eye, I still have trouble believing it. I wonder how many others had this kind of luck? Note that Syd is now considered a magic pet (and not aquatic) so a new team was created for my second round of dailies.

What can I say, it was a pretty eventful Sunday, some of which included Cool standing around for a little over an hour (or so he tells me) and taking lots of dirt naps just so I could complete my series of achievements during the Day of the Dead weekend. Such a great sport, even when I made contact with his family jewels.

By the way, thanks for all the views on my Darkmoon Faire -6.0 edition guide. I’m not sure where all the views on Facebook came from but it was great to see a spike in views.


Edit: I was able to do this on a fairly deserted US server before the hotfix. I still needed to give this a number of tries but on my successful attempt, all the rings were available so I was able to clear all 50 rings (plus two extra) using this route. Here’s a video.

Blazing Wings toy