A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard announced they would be hosting a pre-launch event in our fair city of Sydney.

In honour of the Iron Horde’s impending invasion of Azeroth, Blizzard Entertainment is hosting a World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor pre-launch celebration in Sydney on October 23rd.

Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Game Designer on World of Warcraft, will be here to share his insights on the development process, and there will be a live Q&A, so prep your best questions! Complimentary light refreshments will be provided.

Tickets are absolutely free, but they’re also strictly limited due to the venue capacity. Tickets will be available from 2pm AEDT on October 14.

Save the date and get ready to take your place on the front lines!

This is such exciting news! Not only is it the first gathering of this scope in Australia, but it’s also probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to Blizzcon. From what I hear, the tickets were gone within 10mins which isn’t at all surprising. I was lucky enough to be invited and can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow. I only know a handful of people going including Navimie, Neri, Moogyver and Natanie. Makes me wonder who else I’ll see…

Yesterday, Ion (@WatcherDev) Hazzikostas tweeted an overcast view of the Quay in Sydney. It’s good to see the weather has improved since then and from tomorrow’s forecast, it looks promising. PJ, the community manager suggested I  may want to eat beforehand since the event starts at 7pm sharp with doors opening at 6.30pm.

With the event being hosted in a Vmax auditorium, I wonder what content they’ll be screening exactly? For the most part, it could just be Ion’s face or even the host but I’m really hoping for a teaser from the Warcraft movie like the one they showed at Comic-Con. A complimentary drink and popcorn will definitely add to the whole epic experience although I’m not sure how hungry I’ll be since it’s the first event of its kind I’ll be attending.

Not long to go now…

Maybe I’ll see you there!