Today, I happened to stumble across a short story written by Grazzug (a fellow horde player) and have to say, I was taken aback when I realised what this was. It’s always cool to see pictures of people tagging me in their visits to Gorgrond and I feel particularly humbled to have something written about my in-game character.

Cymre and Belloc Brightblade in Ashran

I’ve reposted this here for easy reference.

This missive was forwarded to Grazzug at Armbreaker Hold…


There has been some commotion on that island off the coast of Tanaan. That human, Harrison Jones, has entered into some difficulty with Belloc and the Reliquary… and this has led into a bit of a brawl between the Alliance and Horde. Both factions covet a rare and all powerful Gorian artifact and while the peace treaty officially remains in effect, the two factions have militarized on Ashran and have begun killing one another. Barbarians, the lot of them.

Even worse, the Alliance have the gall to move on Belloc’s own daughter. They wish to take her as a hostage and use her as a bargaining chip to force the Horde to yield their rights to the relic.

I want you to contact that orc who runs the garrison. Tell him that Cymre Brightblade is in danger. She was last seen wandering around southern Gorgrond, looking into some old Gorian ruins.

*Signed with the name Talarien Sunvalor and an overly long list of titles* 

Word’s come in that the Alliance want to abduct Cymre Brightblade in order to force the Reliquary to put a premature end to the events of Ashran.

Cymre Brightblade and pets

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren’t given out immediately:

Simple operation, in theory!

The team deployed for the operation has to search the ruins on the southeast corner of Gorgrond north of Bastion’s Rise. Eventually they will find Cymre Brightblade. While the Pact’s team tries explaining the situation to her, a gnome mage mass teleports into the area alongside a night elven priestess, two worgen rogues and a human in a red tabard with a golden falcon embroidered onto it. Those who participated in Expedition Pandaria could recognize the human as a member of the Falconwright Company. The human asks the team stand aside and allow him to take Cymre… so the faction conflict can be put to an end before it restarts proper.

Obviously that can’t be allowed to happen! While Cymre retreats into her tent, the party battles the Alliance group. After the fight Cymre refuses to accompany the party but takes a communicator in order to stay in touch. Just in case she ever needs help.

This fight’s a bit more complicated.

The human is a protection paladin and fights like one, down to being very Captain America with his shield. He has 8 health and if he ever reaches 1hp, he will use lay on hands on himself and go back to full.

The rogues have poisoned weapons and if they crit they only do one damage… but at the end of every turn the poison victim takes an additional wound (unless a healer cleanses it at the expense of their turn). Both have 5hp.

The priestess heals her partners. If they are all at full health she can mind control the person the next person on the rolling roster and redirects their attack at the GM’s choice. 6hp.

The mage is an arcane mage and uses arcane spells. 4hp.

It would be interesting to see how this plays out and would hope her skills and experience see her through. After all, her similarities to that other archaeologist-adventurer have brought her this far.