Timewalking dungeons allow us to queue for several favourites from previous expansions using scaled-down gear. This is a great opportunity to use those old legendaries or see some of the old content for newer players. They also have a chance to drop items from the heroic version of the dungeon-like the Music Roll: Mountains of Thunder and Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake.

Remember to pick up either A Burning Path Through Time, A Frozen Path Through Time or A Shattered Path Through Time from Seer Kazal in your Garrison. Completing 5 Timewalking dungeons rewards a Seal of Inevitable Fate and an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest which contains normal-mode armour from Hellfire Citadel, appropriate to your loot specialisation.

Timewarped Badges

  • Killing a boss – 5
  • Killing an end boss – 10
  • Completing a random dungeon – 10
  • Completing the dungeon with Call to Arms role active – 50