The Kalimdor Cup is a two-week event between August 15–28. With sixteen races spread across Kalimdor, players will be able to complete some challenging courses in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations. Speak to Lord Andestrasz by the Rostrum of Transformation in Valdrakken to pick up the initial quest.

  • Ahn’Qiraj Circuit
  • Ashenvale Ambit
  • Great Divide Dive
  • Desolace Drift
  • Durotar Tour
  • Felwood Flyover
  • Feralas Ruins Ramble
  • Hyjal Hotfoot
  • Nordrassil Spiral
  • Razorfen Roundabout
  • Rocketway Ride
  • Thousand Needles Thread
  • Uldum Tour
  • Un’Goro Crater Circuit
  • Webwinder Weave
  • Winter Wander

Completing each race on all difficulties will give you a number of achievements, and a new form of currency to purchase three new dragon customizations and a cool Drake Racer’s transmog set. You can earn 3 badges from each version (normal, advanced, reverse) and rating (bronze, silver, gold) for a maximum of 9 badges from each race. Check out the playlist for all my advanced and reverse gold ratings.

Riders of Azeroth Badges

The following items are available from Maztha in Valdrakken located next to Lord Andestrasz by the Rostrum of Transformation.

Brand new dragon customizations

New Drake Racer’s transmog set

I managed to get 120 badges on Cym completing all regular races on gold, and a minimum of bronze for the advanced and reverse versions. Then completed the initial quest on a second toon and did a few extra races until I had the last 10 badges I needed for the set since you get 10 badges from the quest reward. Some tracks were definitely easier than others. It was quick enough getting gold for the regular races but there were a few doozies for those who like a challenge.

Here are the ones that gave me the most grief:

You can check out my other gold ratings on YouTube.