It’s been a while since I transmogged one of my prettier sets and for good reason. With a key piece missing, I’ve coveted the Cosmos off-hand, ever since I saw it back when Ulduar first opened. Thankfully, it’s still my favourite raid so it’s no hassle going back each week to clear a few bosses and at 100, it takes hardly any effort at all. According to my stat sheet, it’s only taken 36 Algalon kills on 25 mode which seems surprising but when you spread those kills over so many years it can feel like more.

This comes pretty close to the set I created as part of my Egyptian Goddess collection – short of two priest-only slots and a wand in place of a dagger. I was itching to use this wand ever since it dropped and made a conscious effort to use it for most of the expansion.

For Legion, we’ve been teased with a complete overhaul to the transmog system allowing you to unlock and save an item’s appearance (much like the Diablo system). This will prove to be a HUGE SPACE-SAVER, not to mention account-wide which means I’ll finally be able to share my most beloved pieces and even go back to collect the Watcher’s Tunic again.

I am curious to see how they’ll incorporate so many pieces into the new transmog system and wouldn’t be surprised if the items we can no longer farm are left in our bags. Either way, we’ll be saving a hell of a lot of room so I can’t wait to see the implementation of this much-needed change.