With the expansion still months away and many left wondering how close they’ll be to getting that Fabulous title, this new addon is just what we need. The Legion Wardrobe can show you all the appearances you’ve collected before prepatch 7.0 hits live servers.

Here’s an overview:

  • See all the pieces you’ve collected & have yet to collect in a Legion-style wardrobe
  • Info about each item (links to Wowhead, names of vendors, costs, names of bosses that drop items, etc)
  • Collect & track data across the whole account (Transmogrification will be account-wide in Legion)
  • Info about collection state on tooltip – see how many characters own the same piece
  • Favorites list
  • Current quest zone, current instance, current raid filters


Some transmog rules:

  • Quest rewards will only be unlocked if the item is able to be equipped by the current character (i.e. your primary armor type)
  • If an appearance can’t be collected via a quest, you won’t be able to delete the item until prepatch 7.0 goes live


Once you’ve installed the addon, type /wardrobe or SHIFT-P to open the Collections Journal. Be sure to open your bank and Void Storage to get an accurate reading of your whole inventory. Once you’ve done this for all your characters, log back onto your main to see what you need to work on. Thankfully, I only need to work on a couple of slots so I’m not too far off.

Feel free to check out my video preview.