Collected a lot of Darkmoon Prize Tickets over the years and not sure what to do with them? There are a heap of Darkmoon mounts and pets you can buy with all those tickets you’ve accumulated. You can even battle a couple of pet tamers for some great XP for both your toons and battle pets.

Darkmoon Mounts

Lhara sells a number of mounts for 180 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each and pets for 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. The only exception is the Darkmoon Dirigible worth 1,000 tickets.

Female Blood Elf riding the Darkmoon Dirigible

Darkmoon Pets

All pets are cageable so you may see some in the AH.

Boss Drops

Darkmoon Rabbit – Darkmoon Rabbit
Monfang – Moon Moon

Jeremy Feasel

Are you prepared to test the mettle of your pets…?

Defeating Jeremy Feasel rewards the Darkmoon Pet Supplies which has a chance to contain the Darkmoon Eye.

Jeremy Feasel team

How to beat Jeremy Feasel using 2 pets to level a third. Jeremy Feasel’s battle still gives decent XP so feel free to use any level 1 pet or Elekk Plushie as part of An Awfully Big Adventure.

Team: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Lil’ Bling, Levelling pet

Christoph VonFeasel

Look at me, now look at my horse, now look back at me, are I not the most impressive battler of pets that you have ever seen?

Look now at my compatriot over there. Is he on a horse? Of course not! Is his hat made of fireworks? Not in a million years! Everything about me is more impressive, from my coat color to my last name, which I made myself.

Dare you step up to the might of Christoph Willikens Dennis Ragnaros VonFeasel the First?

I can see you trembling!

Sound familiar?

Christoph VonFeasel

Christoph VonFeasel <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Syd (Magic) – Water Jet, Whirlpool, Bubble
Mr. Pointy (Beast) – Impale, Trihorn Charge, Trihorn Shield
Otto (Beast) – Trample, Feed, Darkmoon Curse

Defeating Christoph VonFeasel rewards the Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies which has a chance to contain Syd the Squid.

Syd the Squid - Darkmoon pets and mounts

This is my updated strategy since Syd is no longer an aquatic but magic pet. Best of all, I received the pet from my first bag!


Sea Pony

Be sure to fish up a Sea Pony from the coastal waters around the island. This is still one of my favourite pets and easy to get. Otherwise, you can try your luck in the AH.

Need More Darkmoon Prize Tickets?

Galissa Sundew sells a Faded Treasure Map (similar to the one from the Timeless Isle) for 100 Darkmoon Daggermaw. This new type of currency can be fished up or bought from the AH. The treasure rewards 100 Darkmoon tickets and only takes 5mins to complete so if you’re short on tickets, it’s definitely worth doing. Note you can only do this once per toon. For a video guide, check out my video. She also sells 2 pets (Blorp and the Ghostshell Crab) for 150 Darkmoon Daggermaw. These can be easily fished or bought from the AH.

Ghostshell Crab

Wild Pets

A Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow are also on the cards if you like your share of pet battles. However, the Crow only appears as a secondary pet so you’ll need to be patient to see one in the lineup.