A Garrison Follower Guide for a few out of the way followers which require several forms of interaction before you can recruit them.


Located outside your main Garrison gate in Frostfire Ridge once both locations below have been flagged.

  • Grom’Gar – outside in a cage
  • Daggerfall Ravine – western side in a cage


Return all three items to him at his current location in Stonecrag Gorge, Nagrand

  • The lure – under the first small bridge on the north side of Ancestral Grounds
  • The rod – on a ledge below Telaar along with some other fishing supplies
  • The reel – to the left of a warterfall on the road leading out of Wor’gar

 Archmage Vargoth

Scattered around Draenor are four items belonging to the mage.

  • Ring – northwest of Gronn Canyon in the southwestern end of Rooter’s Pass, Gorgrond
  • Boots – north of Magnarok, in the northeastern part of Frostfire Ridge
  • Staff – on the western edge of Cerulean Lagoon, Nagrand
  • Hat – Sha’tari Market District of Shattrath City, Talador

Turn in to the gnome at Khadgar’s Tower, Talador.

Note: these quests can only be completed at max level due to their locations.