Who remembers those elemental invasions that could occur in one of four locations around Azeroth? If you happened to be in Silithus, Un’goro Crater, Azshara or Winterspring during one of these events this is what you could have seen.

At the beginning of an invasion, portals would open to the Elemental Plane allowing a number of invaders to emerge. Depending on the area, you would find a lot more elementals, usually at a slightly higher level than the ones usually found there.

At some point during the invasion, the elemental leader would appear and begin yelling challenges that could be heard by anyone in the zone. While these leaders remained alive, more and more invaders would spawn until their leader had been destroyed. No new invaders would appear after this time but those already present would remain until killed.

Avalanchion, Azshara

The Thundering Invaders in Azshara were led by Avalanchion. Although immensely powerful, he had been described as significantly less intelligent than either Charr or Tempestria, yelling out taunts like “Where you hiding? Me find you!

Baron Charr

In Un’goro, Baron Charr led the Blazing Invaders. He challenged courageous adventurers with the following taunts: “Hear me, denizens of the crater! I come to burn this land of its impurity!” While patrolling, Charr would frequently yell, “Where are the so-called heroes of this world? Too frightened to come out and play?” When killed, he would yell a final taunt, “You have not seen the last of me fools! All will be consumed in the end!

Princess Tempestria, Winterspring

I managed to see Princess Tempestria quite often in Winterspring. She of course led the Watery Invaders. Believed to have been one of the more intelligent of the invasion leaders. Tempestria imperiously demanded, “This frozen land shall suffice for a start. Come to me, mortals – and I shall give you a quick and painful death.”

The Windreaver, Silithus

The Whirling Invaders were led by The Windreaver, who travelled with his four guards throughout the Dust Storm area of Silithus. Those fortunate enough to see him would receive the following dire warning: “The Windreaver and his invading forces appear amidst a tumultuous conflagration in the northwest of Silithus.

These events would happen every few days and were highly sought after for the goodies they dropped. Predominantly Essences and other variations of elemental materials used for enchants, etc. and even the Ace of Elementals card for the Darkmoon deck. I remember being especially keen to kill the ones in Silithus for the essence of airs which came in very useful for my Hunter’s weapon enchants.