Uldum was known as the “Land of the Titans.” An ancient desert formerly inaccessible to the Alliance and the Horde, rich with Titan lore and advanced civilisation, the Tol’vir. This region draws aesthetic influences heavily from Ancient Egypt, with pyramids, obelisks, similar deities, and irrigation systems.

Deathwing recently struck a bargain with the Neferset tribe, offering them eternal life. Of the two tribes that did not ally – the Orsis were completely wiped out, while the Ramkahen require the player’s assistance to survive. Harrison Jones also shows up to investigate the area.

A popular spot for Archaeology knick-knacks, players can loot small camel figurines across the zone in the hopes of getting Reins of the Grey Riding Camel.

  • Akma’hat – One of five Group Elites, who’s located in central Uldum by the Obelisk of the Sun and the Ruins of Ammon.
  • Armagedillo – This humungous armadillo sadly can’t be tamed, but just look at his cool ability: Dillogeddon – which unleashes flaming hell upon all nearby enemies. He can be found just south of Orsis and doesn’t really move from his spawn spot.
  • Cyrus the Black – A winged Nefeset guardian who spawns in several spots around the oasis next to the Lost City.
  • Madexx – this magnificent scorpid roams around the northern part of Uldum. He looks just like the Horde Guild mount, the Kor’kron Annihilator – the reward for achieving Guild Level 25. This one is tameable and can spawn in five different colours – black, blue, green, red and brown (the last is identical to the regular scorpids in the area).

Cyrus the Black