There are eleven new rares on the Isle of Thunder but only ten are needed for Champions of Lei Shen. They can all drop a Shan’ze Ritual Stone and a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (which are lootable once a week) as well as the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for warlocks – lootable by the first warlock to pick it up. However, each rare is guaranteed to drop a Tome of Valor making it that much easier to be capped for the week.

Northern shore by the Beast Pens

Northern shore by the Beast Pens


Terrace in the Halls of the Grand Imperion, Court of Bones


Has his head in a tree in the Diremoor


Patrols the south-west side of the beach by Za’Tual


At the top of the highest cliff in Ihgaluk Crag

God-Hulk Ramuk

Guards the gate to Stormsea Landing in the Conqueror’s Terrace


South end of the Thunder Forge area

Backbreaker Uru

Patrols the entrance to the Lightning Vein Mine


Located in the tower above the Stormsea Landing gate or inside the Swollen Vault


World Boss

Nalak will be available once all the stages are complete.