Since the Elegant Robes were so hard to get, I ended up wearing it for a long time. At least longer than any of my other outfits although it wasn’t exactly like you see below, it was really a combination of the two images. Honestly, I never liked the look of Benediction but you have to admit it does go well with the gown.

Helm: Halo of Transcendence
Shoulder: Pauldrons of Transcendence
Chest: Elegant Robes
Waist: Belt of Transcendence
Hands: Handguards of Transcendence
Wrist: Bindings of Transcendence
Feet: Boots of Absolution
Weapon: Benediction


Alternate Options
Waist: Belt of Absolution
Hands: Handwraps of the Incarnate
Feet: Barbaric Cloth Boots
Weapon: Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei