With the Oscars coinciding with Matty’s birthday this year, she’s hosting a movie-themed extravaganza to celebrate. We could call it the Mataoscars.

Submit three mog outfits, (Mogit is fine) of three characters from one of your favourite movies, or from one of the award nominees this year. This is not their Oscar or red carpet attire, but the costumes in the films.

Okay, no need to twist my arm. It turns out I’ve been meaning to feature these characters for a long time now but I needed the extra push. As one of my all-time favourite films (and first-ever VHS purchase), The Princess Bride was an obvious choice. With an abundance of characters to choose from, my favourite couple seemed like a no brainer.

Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup in World of Warcraft

Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the shrieking eels!

Even though she goes through several costumes, this is the one she’s in a lot of the time. Whether she’s blindfolded, swimming with eels or in the Fire Swamp with Westley. I even did some “movie research” to see what shoes she wears. It’s a hard life sometimes… If you look closely, she’s still wearing the blindfold, but more as a headpiece.

Cassandra’s Grace
Dark Silk Shirt
Red Linen Robe
Gossamer Belt
Imperial Red Boots

Dread Pirate Westley

Westley and an ROUS warcraft

Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.

Since there’s no identical-looking mask, I considered using the First Mate Hat but it looked a bit too odd – and comical.

Dread Pirate Westley
Darkguard Face Mask
Black Silk Vest
Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt
Metalworking Gloves
Blackened Defias Belt (or Furious Gladiator’s Cord of Dominance as an alternative)
Bloodmail Legguards (or Leggings of the Master Conjurer as an alternative)
Shadowstep Striders
Dazzling Mithril Rapier

(Sumprush rodent not included)

Inigo Montoya

Inigo holding a sword from princess bride

I am not left-handed!

The main reason I chose a human for Inigo was the hair and moustache but he’s a lot bulkier than Inigo in the movie. I’m still not convinced the Foreman Vest is farmable anymore. According to Blizzard, it’s still in the game.

Inigo Montoya
Formal White Shirt
Foreman Vest
Hillman’s Belt
Brown Linen Pants
Gossamer Boots
Revilgaz’s Cutlass

While I’m on the subject of The Princess Bride, check out these art cards by Kevinbolk which are absolutely fantastic. He has the whole set on his DeviantART page :)

For those who haven’t seen the movie, first of all, ZOMG! Secondly, watch the trailer.