Gibblewilt’s location may have changed over the years but he’s just as creepy looking as ever, then again he is a leper gnome. I took this pic back in 2007 when he used to be found under an air tower or apparently behind his house (wherever that was).

Gibblewilt old location

These days you’ll find him in the Toxic Airfield.

Gibblewilt dialogue

Here’s his full dialogue:

[Gnomish] Um Giz modan Rune ti algos goten va giz
[Common] Noth lo ras nevrenrothas bur wirsh lithtos ash va o nagan Ti bor veld hir ras melka hir
[Gnomish] Zah frend we gizber bur va angor gal
[Orcish] No’ku ha ZIL’NOK revash re’ka ogar L ogg Zil’nok.
[Dwarvish] Eft golganar kealsag Gefunon kost ganrokh ok mos
[Gnomish] Dimligar Dimligar we zah mergud
[Gnomish Binary] 1 110 1101 110110 10 110 11001 1010 1001100

and some of the translations:

[Gnomish] “Hi! You there! Does it smell green to you?”
[Common] “Hand me the wizzlesproket, you dwarf-brained son of a human! No, not that one, the other one!
[Orcish] “There is NOTHING random about what I say! Nothing!”
[Dwarvish] “The darkness beneath Tirisfal will consume us all…”
[Gnomish Binary] “I was head editor of the Tinker Town Tattler!”

His loot table included the [Foreman Vest] and [Foreman Pants] but after a countless number of kills (since Cata), I had no luck until the vest dropped years later from my Garrison’s Salvage Yard during Warlords of Draenor. He also drops a 6-slot bag (in about four colours) and on rare occasions cloth. Just make sure your toon is about the same level as the vest to trigger the right loot table.