Blade’s Edge Mountains is filled with splintered mountain peaks, plunging lush valleys, and dusty canyons. Players learn about the presence of the Burning Legion through a mysterious Fel Mask, as well as how Blade’s Edge was the original home of the Ogres. Ogri’la is a faction of friendly ogres that players with flying mounts can gain reputation with.

  • Hemathion – a black dragon found by Ogri’la, a subzone only accessible by flying.
  • Morcrush – a large elemental in the eastern part of the zone.
  • Speaker Mar’grom – an ogre with a distinctive staff located in any of the zone’s ogre encampments.

Hemathion Blade's Edge Mountains Rares

Morcrush Blade's Edge Mountains Rares

Speaker Margrom Blade's Edge Mountains Rares