The Darkmoon Rabbit is located on the south-eastern part of Darkmoon Island. His respawn time could be anywhere between 6 and 34 hours so you might want to try Group Finder.

From my original post on the beta.

When I found this little cutie, he was just chilling in the cave.

Darkmoon Rabbit

Aww, what are you doing all by your lonesome, little guy?

At first glance, he just looks like any other cute and cuddly critter, right?


Darkmoon Rabbit World Boss

He’s a world boss with 72 million health, so he’s certainly no pushover.

In researching this post, I went to great lengths to bring you this info. This rabbit has one annoying and pretty painful ability.

Darkmoon Rabbit - Huge Sharp Teeth debuff

Darkmoon Rabbit vicious streak

He puts this debuff on anyone in melee range so if you can, stay at max range and have a large raid (he’s been killed with 40) or you’ll be looking at a lot of repair bills. He used to ignore hunter and warlock pets but tough luck because that’s been hotfixed. Also, avoid the waterline because he will reset. BASTARD! If you die, release and run back otherwise you’ll be a dead group of miserable souls.

Successfully killing this bloodthirsty furball will drop the Darkmoon Rabbit. Anyone who participated in the kill will receive the following achievement – That Rabbit’s Dynamite!

rabbit pet Darkmoon Rabbit

Proof that the fight is possible, as seen on the first day of the Faire

For those who don’t know, he’s based on a fictional beast from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Rabid rabbit

So for those of you looking to get a new pet and achievement… happy hunting!

How many people do you need to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit?

These days, you probably only need a handful of people or maybe less. He can also be tagged by multiple groups but will reset if taunted too far from his resting spot.

How many people can loot the Darkmoon Rabbit?

Originally only one person could loot the rabbit in the raid but was later changed to personal loot. According to other players, you need to physically loot the corpse since it’s not autolooted.