The Anglers is a new faction in Mists of Pandaria that caters to all avid fisherman. Angler’s Wharf can be found off the coast in Krasarang Wilds on an island towards the southern point of the zone. I visited the area about a week ago to see what was there but was disappointed to find that Nat Pagle was nowhere to be found… until now.

Yep folks, your favourite fisherman is now in Pandaria.

Hello fellow Angler! Have you been around these parts long? Me and my buddy “Big Hook”  here travel far and wide looking for the next big catch!
We ran into this place by accident and the locals were friendly with both their supplies and booze so we decided to stick around!

I may be tempted to bank my beloved Jeweled fishing pole soon… The goldfish pet I posted a while ago in my Pandaren Critters image gallery is another reward I’m looking forward to owning. It’s another water creature in a bubble and I loved the design so much that I made sure I had a screenshot in every colour :P

Fishing Raft

The Fishing Raft is an interesting reward. Just read the flavour text – Great for fishing, but takes on water… so don’t stay out too long! With a 1hr CD and cost of 1,000G, don’t be surprised if I buy one just for the novelty value.

The Water Strider will be a must-have for me as it can walk on water. I first saw this after I had died in an Alliance friendly area in The Jade Forest. It was the perfect opportunity to have a closer look at something while in hostile territory. With our brand new bartering perk, the Reins of the Azure Water Strider only cost 3500G.

Fo Fook The Anglers

Pandaren Fishing Pole (Fishing +10)

There are several quests associated with The Anglers. Some daily and some normal quests, but all of them will require level 89 or greater.

OK, now I’m excited. Who needs a mushroom chair when you can have Nat’s Fishing Chair. It also looks like we’ll be getting Nat’s Hat at exalted rep with the man himself :P