The Tortollan Seekers are one of those factions who had those fun little world quests, kind of like the Kirin Tor in Legion (except for those Like the Wind ones. There are a handful of world quests to choose from for the three emissary quests. Personally, I still love helping Loh through the mazes and the shell game is a quick enough quest when you have other things to do. Beachhead is my least favourite even though I thought The Cycle of Life might be when I learnt we had to knock off the turtles instead.

Make Loh Go

Help Loh through the maze by collecting each marker without crossing your path. Reach the checkpoint for a cool little fireworks display. Each zone has its own version. If you’re stuck on any of the mazes, check out my videos below.

Help Loh Go - Tortollan Seekers

Shell Game

Blizzard’s version of a memory game. A few items even poke out from the shells so you have a slight advantage from a couple of matches. If you’re having trouble getting credit for this world quest, players have been noted turning down your graphics or logging out of the game allowed them to complete the quest after logging back in and trying again. (see video)

Shell Game - Tortollan Seekers


Help 12 juvenile turtles reach the ocean by killing the crabs and birds before getting devoured. There is a version of Beachhead in every zone but they are essentially the same. Give priority to the crabs since not all birds will attack the turtles. The birds tend to hover over a turtle before they attack though so keep an eye out for those couple of seconds. (see video)

Beachhead - Tortollan Seekers

The Cycle of Life

In Patch 8.1.5, we’ll be getting a new set of Tortollan Seekers world quests. One is pretty straightforward if you’ve already saved countless turtles for the Beachhead quest except this time, you’ll be killing them as you play the role of a predator. Have to admit, knocking off several turtles at a time was more fun than I expected.

Cycle of Life - Tortollan Seekers


If that’s not your scene, you can always try the Calligraphy quests if you enjoyed those rune-drawing tasks from Narthalas Academy. This is a simpler version since you’ll only need to trace one of three basic shapes. Each faction will get its own version with Alliance sticking to Kul Tiras and Horde staying in Zandalar. To make it slightly more difficult, the outline only lasts a few seconds before it disappears so you may need to try this more than once. Achievement hogs will probably want to do them once for Master Calligrapher.

Check out a preview of all the Calligraphy world quests on YouTube.

What do you think about these new world quests?