First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who took time out on my Blog or through Twitter to send me a few (or in Töki’s case :P) words of comfort and encouragement. I honestly can’t believe the amount of support I’ve received and truly feel honoured by all your wonderful comments. A special shout out to the first time commenters out there too :D

The outpouring of support has been truly fantastic and I never could have imagined this kind of response as I wrote the post early this morning. However, I thought it would be nice (since my combined responses to everyone were getting quite long) to write an actual post. It’s funny though, I recently wondered what post in the future would be able to top my WoW Factor comes to Dath’remar post and From Draenei with Mischief posts (in terms of popularity ie comments) which were both exciting posts for me to write. It’s a little sad though that my Hacked post was the one to do it.

To let you know where I am at the moment, I’ve since scanned all computers (just to feel safer), changed the relevant passwords,  installed a mobile authenticator on my account and put in a ticket. I have since received four separate emails to say that the transfers to another server were rejected but that was only after the hacker on my hunter had sold some of her gear (as seen from Armory). In the meantime, my account was officially closed by Blizzard as a security measure.

In response to all the lovely comments I’ve received:

@Ffpmmarc – Thx, it’s been nice not having to worry about other people, raids, etc. for a while. We did decide on a character and Guild name change but it just doesn’t feel right. Ironically, today the old Guild name unlocked meaning I was finally going to have the MischiefUs name back.

@Buildar – I do love blogging but since it’s tied with what I do in-game, I might just finish off the rare posts for now, since those images are saved to my HD.

@Melfina – Thx and yep, the URL generally needs the ‘http://www’ bit to register or at least the ‘http://’
Send me a tweet or something and I’ll add it in if you like or try commenting again below… what are you typing in?

@Coolidge – Yep, you’re my constant cheerleader :) You of all people know how much effort I put into my costumes, camping, blogging, etc.

@Dragonray – Aww, thx so much, your first sentence made me teary (in a good way) :D Don’t feel that way about commenting, I haven’t regretted anyone commenting on my blog unless it’s spam. You may not think it’s worthwhile but I appreciate any thoughts you have to share.

@Pando – That’s true… looks like I might have just been unlucky in this case. I’m glad I could offer some new stuff and bloggers for you to read too :)

@Az – TY so much for the offer although I live in Aust so the postage will prob. be expensive. But the mobile authenticator I’d added now should do the trick.

@Rades – I do plan on getting the stuff back, just feeling really deflated right now and seeing what happens with the ticket. Since they closed my WoW account, it might take a bit depending on how long it takes but *fingers x’ed

@Bel – Aww thx, and for the Gravatar thing too :D I am trying to hold off on the Beta stuff now but I still love exploring the new areas for my Image gallery posts and the odd quest or profession post. Good to hear the guys enjoy my costume posts as well :P

@Navimie – It’s true, I do love blogging and it feels so much longer than six months. I’m still amazed at all the responses from my Blogging friends and the WoW community.

@Rioriel – hugs and <3, that really is the best medicine right now as well as a few giggles and even more smiles from these comments.

@Classy – that’s how I see them too… appreciate the kind words though :)

@Godmother – that’s one of the things that makes be a little sad, I love the achievements, etc. and with these new group rares/world bosses coming out, I’m not sure if and when I’ll be able to do them. In fact, I’m still missing the dragon in Deepholm for my Guide. But there will be a lot of other stuff I will be able to do solo or with Coolidge. It would be awful to write a guide for something to try to help people out but to not be able to do it myself, like the Darkmoon rabbit.

@Töki – It’s true, this is a small population server (at least for Horde) so that was one of the major problems for us and being the tail end of the expansion. I feel the same way about the name change and Guild name. It just doesn’t feel right now and since things have calmed down now and everyone has moved on (some back to their own Guilds), I doubt they’ve even looked back.

I think you’re right about the WoW Factor thing too, as I heard from Navi that their Guild chat, etc. was a flurry of activity so I’m sure my whispers were just lost in the fray. I have since spoken to this person in-game but it always seems to be me having to instigate something.

Oh and don’t worry about your wall of text, you wrote it for me so I am happy to read it. I have been known to vent here from time to time. It’s more for me as I need to get things off my chest and even now, I feel better for doing so.

@Mabaho – Don’t worry I’ll still blog, I just don’t have much variety to write at the moment. The other day I even did some back posts from the last year or so. Apologies if you get multiple posts or wonder why I’m talking about a first Chogall kill now but it was news I wanted to incorporate into the Blog as it’s my timeline and visual diary or sorts for myself to look back on and remember that “hey that was a cool memory, I wish I had a video of that”.

@Aygaren – TY for the reassuring words.

@JD Kenada – Thx JD. I hope you never have to go through this and I am on a US server. I haven’t been up to re-adding people to RealID yet. That may very well change soon though. But be warned, Iately I often open up MogIt to fill up the whole screen (so I can see things nice and clearly) so if I don’t respond in a timely manner I’m not ignoring you :P

In regards to the comments, I would love any comment no matter how trivial so feel free to say anything you wish :)

@Tome – LOL! See times like that I feel a bit sorry for my readers. I never want to make it a chore when I post multiple times a day but sometimes they’re mini posts like the ‘Silver Dragon’ ones. Those feel like I’m just posting images. It’s pretty rare I’ll have a venting post or a more detailed one like the Scepter of the Shifting Sands or more recent Superhero ones. Ones like those, I feel particularly proud of, even if they do appear more long-winded than the rest.

Oh and you know it’s a serious post when I publish without any images… they are usually my venting ones.

@Erinys – Thx for the kind words :) I’m intrigued by the fact I inspired a post and as I wrote above, any comment no matter how small is appreciated. I also don’t feel like I always have something valuable to contribute in a comment but I always think that I would like to see one comment on my post, particularly the ones I put a lot of effort into.

@Avi – that’s much appreciated, thx and no comment is stupid IMO unless you’re trolling…

@Shoryl – I’m glad you find the images relaxing :D in general I love posting the image rich posts but they do take quite a bit of work to do :) I also appreciate the Guild /server offer. I’m guessing things will feel a lot more invigorating once Mists goes live, assuming Blizzard can recover all my items and return the transferred toons.

@Hyperious – Yep, it’s really the feeling of losing everything and you DO feel violated since someone you don’t know gains access to your account. It makes you wonder what else they had access to and how they got in.

@Kaozz – I don’t see myself giving up blogging as I do love it. I still get a lot out of it. in fact, I might spend an unhealthy amount on it, checking stats, tweaking the look, functionality and my favourite – reading comments :) Can you be addicted to your blog? :P

@Euphyley – TY! You know with all of your support I feel like you guys are psyching me up for a big race or something :D I’m still amazed at the sheer number of fantastic people (some for the first time) to share their thoughts and offer support.

@Matty – I really appreciate your kind words. I just feel that commenting is kind of like an ongoing conversation, so when I don’t get any comment for a while, I wonder if anyone is ‘listening’. I know people do view my blog but it’s just nice to be acknowledged every now and then but in the last couple of days, I can feel the genuine love and support from everyone.

Also, the fact that you think of me every time you see or kill a rare is really sweet. The hack was such a horrible feeling and in a way I would liken it to a home invasion, even if it was of a virtual nature because if they are on your account it makes you wonder, what else they have access to? Honestly, I was surprised that my password had not been changed so that was the first thing I did.

@Alethiar – I really appreciate you taking the time to weigh in on the situation. I was also really touched by your tweet yesterday, just asking how I was after the incident. Let me first say that I’m very interested in what you have to say so if I can alleviate your fear about commenting, pls allow me to so do. I often wonder who views my site because I often have the views but no real way of knowing who the individuals are. I was actually looking for a “was here” plugin for people who visit but don’t want to leave a comment. The closest thing I found was the “Like” button you find on the free wordpress sites. However, my plugin list is getting quite long so I’m trying to hold back on installing more, if I can help it.

As I said to some of the others, feel free to comment any time, even if it’s just to say “So and so was here” :) I may not respond right away but I do read everyone’s comments pretty quickly, unless I’m sleeping :P I always try to give a combined response so I won’t have a million comments just from me. Ideally, I’d like to be somewhere at the bottom of my own ‘Wall of Fame’. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to hide my own profile from the widget though.

I <3 U GUYS!