As of this morning, I awoke to find several emails from Blizzard stating they had reinstated my account with all items/money returned. That was just after another email saying they had reset my password. I admit the first email made me a little nervous but it did coincide quite well with the following set of emails.

Since then, I’ve logged back into my account, first through the website and then back through the game. From what I can tell, everything was returned (including all gemmed/enchanted items) which I wasn’t expecting so that was a nice bonus. Now let me tell you, the ‘Items Restored’ list on Cymre was LONG! The hacker may or may have not been surprised to find that I didn’t have one free bag spot on my gal.

CorehoundPup cheer Core Hound Pup

I also managed to get the Core Hound Pup on all my toons so if you were wondering if you can get the pet using a mobile authenticator, there’s your answer. Quite fitting really as he’s ready to spew over any future ‘would be’ hackers, so take that you bastards!

Also to commemorate the occasion, I thought a few screenshots were in order. His idle animations include:

  • Standing on his hind legs howling and yipping
  • Putting his head to the floor and rolling over
  • Fighting over a bone one head digs out of the ground before the same head throws it into the air and swallows it whole

Core Hound Pup animation

I was originally going to link this video thinking the lyric was ‘Thank you’ for My Happy Ending, except listening to it again, I realised that wasn’t quite the theme of the song. But who cares, it’s my Happy Ending post so I’m just going to pretend she’s singing that instead… it’s a catchy tune anyway.

Core Hound Pup with Cymre Jones and Faulty War Golem cameo

Did you see that? One of the rares in Searing Gorge made an appearance, all must be right in the world (of Warcraft) :P

Thanks again to everyone keeping tabs on me over the last 24 hours. As Navi said earlier, your comments really did boost my spirits. Blizzard really did a great job getting my account back, including all my items with a special shout out to GM Mazarhai for his efficient service \o/