Those who know me well can tell you that I love Superman. The fact that I watched every single episode in all ten seasons of Smallville, should prove that to some degree but Tom Welling had a lot to do with the success of the show. The series focused more on his role of Clark Kent rather than Superman but I loved all the Superman references throughout the entire series. I can’t help but be a little disappointed since we never really got to see him in the full suit – even in the finale so it’s nice we have this.

I was also a fan of Christopher Reeve in the first Superman movie and thought Brandon Routh did a great job in Superman Returns (in which I also played an extra) so it was only natural I feature the Man of Steel as my first male superhero of the series.

Superman’s costume hasn’t changed a hell of a lot over the years which is unlike a lot of other superheroes out there.

Superman hoverSuperman-fly

Now, if you had to choose your three favourite superheroes, who would they be?

Who knows, you might even see one featured in the upcoming weeks :)

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