Borean Tundra is located in western Northrend with the frigid island of Coldarra off the coast. It’s made up of mostly ice, punctuated by grasslands and occupied by the Alliance based in Valiance Keep and the Horde based in Warsong Hold. You’ll also encounter the D.E.H.T.A protesting the slaughter of animals, the peaceful Tuskarr driven away from their coastal lands, nerubians and Prince Valanar to the North. The Kirin Tor are there to assist the dragonflights in Coldarra and the mysterious taunka are an ancient branch of the Tauren.

I was surprised when I first opened one of the Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchels – the new drop from the rares. Especially when they contained up to a stack of Frostweave Cloth, some crystallized elements and a unique rare BoE named after them.

  • Icehorn – spawns by Death’s End and is said to be available after a server reset.
  • Old Crystalbark – a frosty ancient tree, is located in Coldarra.
  • Fumblub Gearwind – flies around The Geyser Fields in a helicopter.

Icehorn Borean Tundra Rares

Old Crystalbark Borean Tundra Rares

Fumblub Gearwind Borean Tundra Rares