It might have been a while since your Frenzyheart or Oracles rep grind. You might have even switched sides for the rewards or Mercenary of Sholazar achievement. I did both, changing from The Oracles to Frenzyheart Tribe once I had all the rewards I wanted.

The Oracles

As a pet and mount collector, I was anxious to start my rep grind with The Oracles. At revered, you can purchase the Mysterious Egg which turns into a Cracked Egg after three days (real-time). This egg has a chance to contain one of four companions, the Green Proto-Drake which is a rare drop or some Aged Yolk. The Aged Yolk is the most common drop so you’ll likely have to wait another three more days for another egg to hatch. A lot better than the seven-day wait it used to have.


Frenzyheart Tribe

At revered. you can purchase the Disgusting Jar which also needs a few days to ferment and has a rare chance to give you another costume. This item is not a trinket so you can use it as long as it’s in your bag, lasts 5mins and has a 30min CD.

frenzyheart brew Frenzyheart vs Oracles Rewards

Frenzyheart Brew: Brings out the Wolvar in you!

So whatever your preference, there’s sure to be something for everyone… provided you have the patience for the rep grind and three-day wait each time.