It might have been a while ago since you did your rep grind for either the Frenzyheart Tribe or The Oracles. You might have even changed alliances for Mercenary of Sholazar or the rewards. I actually did both for those reasons, changing from Oracles to Frenzyheart once all the rewards I wanted were in my possession.

Being a pet and mount collector, I was anxious to start my rep grind with The Oracles. At revered, you can start buying the Mysterious Egg which turns into a Cracked Egg after three days (real-time). This egg has a chance to contain one of four companions, a very rare Green Proto-Drake or some Aged Yolk. Bad luck if you get the Aged Yolk though as you’ll have to wait another three days for another egg to hatch. A lot better than the seven-day wait it used to have.

green protodrake Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

green protodrake ms Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Special Mount animation

oracles proto Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Proto-Drake Whelp

oracles white Frenzyheart vs Oracles

White Tickbird Hatchling

oracles tickbird Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Tickbird Hatchling

oracles cobra Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Cobra Hatchling

Once again at revered reputation, you can start buying the Disgusting Jar which also needs a few days to ferment and has a rare chance to give you another costume item. This is not a trinket so you can use it as long as it’s in your bag, lasts 5mins and has a 30min CD.

frenzyheart brew Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Frenzyheart Brew: Brings out the Wolvar in you!

So whatever your preference, there’s sure to be something for everyone… provided you have the patience for the rep grind and three day wait each time.