In my recent Twisted Nether interview I was asked: if you could have anything from Blizzard in or out of the game what would it be? I answered an NPC of my main (Cymre) in-game. So this week I suggested the following for BlogAzeroth’s Shared Topic.

If Blizzard added your main as an NPC in WoW, where would they be located and what would be their function? Give us a shot illustrating the fact.

So a few ideas were going through my head because I’m not quite sure what I’m most known for… is it costumes, transmog, novelty items or rares? I would hope all of the above but with my recent addition to rare quality, I’d be more inclined to say something that incorporates most of what I’ve mentioned. Since I love places like Uldum and Silithus, I’d imagine Cymre in her Tyrande costume, popping up in random locations due to her adventurous nature, acting as a vendor of sorts.

NPC uldum Insert NPC Here

Maybe when she pops up at Akma’hat’s location (the rare elite in Uldum), he scoops her up like Kologarn so you have to save her, but you’ll have to tackle this foe before you’re able to interact with her.

I imagine her selling extremely rare transmog pieces which you can no longer acquire in-game, including old quest rewards or drops from Silver Dragons that have since been removed from the game. The only limitation is any item bought will also become soulbound once an hour has lapsed so people cannot keep relisting her items for profit. This gives you enough time to send the item to an alt or friend if you wish.