This week’s Shared Topic was brought to us by Effraeti – a subject right up my alley.

While running through MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx over the weekend, I got to thinking…

If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?

When I think back over the last eight months, my Pet Battling activity is still going strong. So with my classic raid collection complete, there are a few (ok, more than a few) other raid bosses I’d love to see as future pets.

ST-UlduarNow it’s not like I really need a reason to go into Ulduar but if I could choose a couple of the bosses there, it would have to be Freya and Algalon. Titans – the Watchers of Azeroth, need I say more?


I’ve loved the look of the Val’kyr, ever since I saw Hildana Deathstealer floating down into the fighting pit in Icecrown. So it’s no surprise that the Twin Val’kyr are on this list. Even better than using the Glyph of the Val’kyr – which I’ll never use – Disc forever!

ST-ErodarThen there are the two Erodar found in Mount Hyjal and the Trial of the Crusader respectively. How can these baddies look so good?


Next up is ICC. Some of you may remember my mog set lightly based on Blood-Queen Lana’thel and I just think Marrowgar would make an interesting looking pet.


From BC, I’m adding Supremus from Black Temple and The Curator from Karazhan to the list.

Lastly, there’s Moam, General Rajaxx and Emalon the Storm Watcher.

OK, done! Promise.

Do you think I missed any? :P