After seeing the results from the last transmog tournament at Neri Approves, I thought I’d have a go since it’s going to be a monthly occurrence. So here’s what we had for June…

Trim those nails, wash your hair, and take your hard-earned gold to the most expensive boutique you can find, because this month’s theme is… Red Carpet Glamour

I thought this was a great theme, as you know I love a good excuse to get dressed to the nines. At first, I was thinking of going over my past ‘Mog Me‘ designs but I thought I would try something different. After all, I have yet to make complete outfits for the rest of the ‘Armed and Dangerous’ series.

Originally, I was going to use the Robes of the Battleguard for my showstopper design but as you can see, I ended up using the Robes of the Triumvirate / Robes of Insight. I was determined to use my beloved off-hand which is one of the items I’ve been itching to use as a stargazer costume. Unfortunately, it’s the only item I’ve managed to acquire so far.

For Cymre, places like Uldum / Silithus go hand in hand. She loves AQ and the feeling of sand between her toes which is why she’s also incorporated some of the Oracle set into her outfit.


The entries have now closed but you can head on over to vote on who you think the winning entry is. You have until 11:59 am EST on Friday, July 6!

In case you’re wondering what the prize is, not only will the entrant have their image (and link to their site, if applicable) displayed in the “Transmog Champion” section on Neri’s site, but they will also receive a World of Warcraft Pet: Lil’ XT.

Good luck to all the entrants.