Since we’re in the middle of an extended maintenance for the oceanic server migration, I thought it only fitting to do an Australian themed post. At first I was going to do Ned Kelly the notorious bushranger from the 1800’s but after giving it some thought, I decided to go with another famous Australian, first played by Mel Gibson in  the late ’70s.

MAD MAX by Katase6626

This was such a big movie growing up. I remember watching the two sequels that followed but can’t say I’ve seen any of the more recent movies.

I usually start with MogIt but only had about an hour before the servers went down so I didn’t get very far. Unfortunately, WoW Model Viewer failed to load (I’m guessing) because of maintenance or it’s broken from the patch. That left Wowhead and Icy Vein’s Transmog library. The default model on Wowhead turned out to be bald so I plopped on some hair (much like my bald hulk initially) and decided to leave the goatee.

Mad Max

This particular image is made up of five layers (and that’s just the model).