Pandaren Champions have a chance to drop a satchel (containing linens, jewels or skins), a piece of armour, and a special item.

Aethis (33,50) spawns at a shrine for what appears to be his pet pig.

Ferdinand the Bull

Drop: Ook-Breaker Mace (shared drop)

Ferdinand the Bull is a neutral champion sitting under one of several trees around the Arboretum.

As one of the rares in the Jade Forest, he always looks calm and peaceful relaxing under several trees around the Arboretum. My rare tracker goes off pretty often as I pass through the area so I always check to see whether he’s still alive or not. I’m happy to say that he generally is, which makes me smile. However, I will admit I didn’t know what his game reference was until I saw The Blind Side. A great movie by the way.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve been in combat with him (for the achievement) but he supposedly says:

Gonna bash you into pretty flower food!

You tell ’em Ferdinand!

Kor’nas Nightsavage pats along the road in Nectarbreeze Orchard ~44, 73

Krax’ik stealths at the top of a cliff (39, 62)

Mister Ferocious

Drop: Ook-Breaker Mace (shared drop)

Mister Ferocious can be seen sorting through a broken cart ~42, 38 west of Dawn’s Blossom.

Morgrinn Crackfang can spawn in a few spots around the Terrace of Ten Thunders and the surrounding Woods of the Lost.

Sarnak (64, 74) is located in one of the caves within The Bamboo Wilds. The cave you want is closest to the water.

Urobi the Walker (57, 71) is a neutral champion meditating under a pagoda in Shang’s Valley, south of the Temple of the Jade Serpent.