Once you’ve completed Taming Kalimdor or Taming Eastern Kingdoms, you’ll be eligible for the next set of tamers in Burning Crusade. Defeating the pet tamers of Outland rewards you with the Taming Outland achievement.

Nicki Tinytech Taming Outland
Nicki Tinytech <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Hellfire Peninsula – Path of Glory
Level 20 Pets – Goliath, ED-005 and Sploader (3x Mechanicals)

Ras an Taming Outland
Ras’an <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Zangarmarsh – Sporeggar
Level 21 Pets – Tripod (Magic), Glitterfly (Flying) and Fungor (Humanoid)

Team 2: archaeology team if you also have the Crawling Claw

Narrok Taming Outland
Narrok <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Nagrand – at the base of a tree, west of the Ring of Trials
Level 22 Pets – Prince Wart (Aquatic), Dramaticus (Critter) and Stompy (Beast)

Morulu The Elder Taming Outland
Morulu The Elder
<Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Shattrath City – Lower City
Level 23 Pets – Cragmaw, Gnasher, Chomps (3x Aquatic)

Once you’ve defeated the initial four master tamers you can challenge the final fifth tamer – Bloodknight Antari, the Grand Master of Outland.

Bloodknight Antari
Bloodknight Antari
<Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Shadowmoon Valley – right next to Magma Fields
Level 24 Elite Pets – Arcanus (Magic), Netherbite (Dragonkin) and Jadefire (Elemental)

Taming Outland rewards the same battles as Pet Battle Daily Quests and opens up the master tamers of Northrend.