Mechagon adds eight new legendary battles for the Mighty Minions of Mechagon achievement. With that in mind, I’m assuming you’ve already opened up world quests on your character and have rare max-level pets for the highest chance of success. Breeds will be listed below if a pet comes in multiple breeds.

The first time you defeat these legendaries you’ll receive an item like the Mechanical Eye which you can hand in for an extra reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance. These legendary battles give you a nice bump in rep if you do these with your other Mechagon world quests.

As always, my strategies can be accessed by clicking on any of the names below. Rematch strings to these and other challenges are available on Patreon.


I only use these two addons, as well as Family Family Helper for those Family meta achievements.

  • Rematch – An enhanced pet battle journal including the ability to save teams and filter pets
  • Battle Pet Breed ID – Shows breeds of all pets

Mechagon Pet Battle Locations

Mechagon Legendary Pets Map

Mighty Minions of Mechagon Strategies

Defeat the following mechanized minions on Mechagon Island.

CK-9 Micro-Oppression Unit

CK-9 Micro-Oppression Unit
Team: Mr. Bigglesworth, Core Hound Pup, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Team: Darkmoon Zeppelin, Mr. Bigglesworth, Tiny Snowman

Team: Cinder Pup, Coastal Scuttler (H/B)

Goldenbot XD

Goldenbot XD
Team: Water Waveling, Blazehound, Amalgam of Destruction

The most important thing to remember with Goldenbot XD is to switch your pet as soon as you get the debuff (unless he’s stunned and you get a free hit). On live, I received the debuff one turn early so keep that in mind when you follow along with the video.

Team: Pandaren Fire Spirit, Searing Scorchling, Blazehound

Unit 6
Team: Pocket Cannon, Tinytron, not used

Unit 17
Team: Amalgam of Destruction, Lil’Bling, not used

Unit 35
Team: Blazehound, Water Waveling, Amalgam of Destruction