If you’re interested in farming in Pandaria, you can get things started with The Tillers at 85-86 (depending on how fast you want to start farming crops) by visiting Farmer Yoon at Halfhill. He will essentially teach you everything you need to know about it, including any problems you encounter. You’ll start by clearing rocks off his ranch and then growing various crops.

Once you finish the initial questline though, you’ll need to wait until level 90 before you can start doing the dailies there. In the meantime, you can continue to plant crops in your starter four plots. The best part is, anything you plant there is just for you as you enter your own phased version of the farm at Sunsong Ranch.

As your reputation improves, your ranch will get upgraded with extra farming plots and equipment you can use to keep the crops healthy. This includes an irrigation system, a pest repellent system and mass till device.

The Friendship System

At Halfway Hill you can befriend a number of NPCs by doing dailies, finding gifts they like and making their favourite dishes. As your friendship improves with each one you will get extra perks.

The friendship levels are:

  • Stranger: 0 to 8400
  • Acquaintance: 8400 to 16800
  • Buddy: 16800 to 25200
  • Friend: 25200 to 33600
  • Good Friend: 33600 to 42000
  • Best Friend: 42000 to 42999

Gifts may be found by clicking mounds of Dark Soil found around the zone, these mounds are generally found close to the NPC who likes that particular gift. If you give the right kind of gift to the NPC named in the description, you will get an increased rep with that person – 900 over the standard 540 friendship points.

NPC Ideal Gift
Chee Chee  Blue Featherquest start The Tillers A Blue Feather for Chee Chee
Ella  Jade Catquest start The Tillers A Jade Cat for Ella
Farmer Fung  Marsh Lilyquest start The Tillers A Marsh Lily for Farmer Fung
Fish Fellreed  Jade Catquest start The Tillers A Jade Cat for Fish
Gina Mudclaw  Marsh Lilyquest start The Tillers A Marsh Lily for Gina
Haohan Mudclaw  Ruby Shardquest start The Tillers A Ruby Shard for Haohan
Jogu the Drunk  Lovely Applequest start The Tillers A Lovely Apple for Jogu
Old Hillpaw  Blue Featherquest start The Tillers A Blue Feather for Old Hillpaw
Sho  Lovely Applequest start The Tillers A Lovely Apple for Sho
Tina Mudclaw  Ruby Shardquest start The Tillers A Ruby Shard for Tina

If you happen to have the right kind of dish in your inventory, an extra daily will pop up for the relevant NPC rewarding an extra Lesser Charm of Good Fortune and 5x Valor Points

NPC Favourite Food
Chee Chee 5x Reef Octopus and Wildfowl Breast – Valley Stir Fry
Ella 5x Giant Mantis Shrimp – Shrimp Dumplings
Farmer Fung 5x Wildfowl Breast – Wildfowl Roast
Fish Fellreed 10x Krasarang Paddlefish – Twin Fish Platter
Gina Mudclaw 5x Jade Lungfish – Swirling Mist Soup
Haohan Mudclaw 5x Raw Tiger Steak – Charbroiled Tiger Steak
Jogu the Drunk 10x Juicycrunch Carrot – Sauteed Carrots
Old Hillpaw 5x Raw Turtle Meat and 15x Juicycrunch Carrot – Braised Turtle
Sho 5x Jade Lungfish and 15x Striped Melon – Eternal Blossom Fish
Tina Mudclaw 5x Emperor Salmon and 15x Scallions – Fire Spirit Salmon


At revered, you have the opportunity to buy special crop seeds from the seed vendor:

  • Enigma Seed – yields a random herb, as normally found in Pandaria
  • Magebulb Seed – yields 3-5 Spirit Dust, rarely Mysterious Essence
  • Raptorleaf Seed – yields 1 Exotic Leather, rarely Plump Intestines (which contains money)
  • Snakeroot Seed – yields 2-4 Ghost Iron Ore, rarely other Pandarian ores, eg White Trillium Ore
  • Windshear Cactus Seed – yields 1-3 Windwool Cloth
  • Songbell Seed – yields 1 Mote of Harmony

When you’re halfway through revered with The Tillers, a quest will pop up called Lost and Lonely. Head towards the southern fields of the Heartland and look for a small group of boulders surrounding a dog. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll see that he comes to live with you on your farm.

tillers dog digging under the house

At Revered with Gina Mudclaw, you can purchase a Pandaren Scarecrow (see banner) but it’s just a vanity item, sadly.


Here are all the things you can buy from Quartermaster.

Gin-Ji Knife Set

Gin-Ji Knife Set

Ok. Well, time to go. I need to take care of some unruly crops.

Not to mention that last huge boulder from the ranch… I definitely need some help with that one.

Sunsong boulder

Ten minutes later, I have access to the entire area of sixteen plots.

full plot area

Ahh, now to wait and reap my rewards tomorrow :)

Best Friend

Earning Best Friend status with each farmer offers the following perks:

Tillers mailbox

Gina Mudclaw: Mailbox and some fireworks.

Tina Mudclaw - Home furnashings (inc stove)

Tina Mudclaw: Home furnishings (inc stove)

Ella - Luna

Ella: Luna (Cat)

Tillers Shaggy

Farmer Fung: Shaggy (Yak)

Haohan Mudlcaw - Miss Fifi

Haohan Mudclaw: Miss Fifi (Mushan)

Fish Fellreed - Pigs

Fish Fellreed: Piggy (Pigs)

Chee Chee - Farm sheep

Chee Chee: Farm Sheep

Jogu the Drunk

Jogu the Drunk: free farming tips and resides in your pond if you talk to him

Hillpaw's Chicken

Old Hillpaw: Hillpaw’s Chicken (chickens) and a Straw Hat

orange tree - the tillers

Sho: Orange tree and Red Cricket (below)

Orange tree and cricket

Just look at his size!

Look out for the huge Red Cricket in your mailbox!

If you have an extra 50 Ironpaw Tokens, you can teach Nomi how to cook through a series of dailies and earn reputation with him.