A while ago, I managed to save enough Ironpaw Tokens (50) to buy the Cooking School Bell. Using it summons Nomi as your very own cooking student. I remember seeing this cute little thing following someone on the beta but I wasn’t that advanced or know how to get him.

It took a long time to collect all the tokens once I’d realised you needed that many in the first place. This was after I’d used them up trading in the cooking mats for my future BFFs favourite dishes. The gift of hindsight, right? Thx to my other guildie for helping me build up my food resources to trade.


The Art of Cooking

Teach Nomi how to cook through a series of dailies and earn reputation with him. Technically it should have been the other way around since I was the one teaching him the skills, amirite?

When I summoned him, he had a daily to make sliced peaches which were easy enough. The rep grind takes 35 days (or 31 for a human) but it’s worth it in the long run.

Each reputation level has its own daily worth 1,000 rep each:

Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches – Obtain 5x Pandaren Peach for Nomi (sold by Sungshin Ironpaw)
Lesson 2: Instant Noodles – Obtain 5x Instant Noodles for Nomi (sold by Sungshin Ironpaw)
Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky – Obtain 5x Golden Carp for Nomi
Lesson 4: Dried Needle Mushrooms – Obtain 5x Needle Mushrooms for Nomi
Lesson 5: Pounded Rice Cake – Obtain 5x Rice for Nomi

Once you become Best Friends with Nomi, he’ll give you A Present for Teacher which contains a choice of  5x 100 Year Soy Sauce / Rice Flour / Black Pepper and an apron – which would otherwise cost 55 Ironpaw Tokens.

Apron front The Art of Cooking with Nomi

From then on, he will offer you A Token of Appreciation each day you talk to him. This quest is actually a daily gift that could include a number of meals but will always include one Ironpaw Token.

Thanks for checking to make sure I’m doing well! I’ve been able to help out the Ironpaws today and they said I could give this to you.

So far I’ve received a number of Mad Brewer’s Breakfasts, although you can generally get any of the meals below:

I was also excited to read about some new changes coming in 5.2