I’m not sure if my most famous costume is Cymre Jones or Wonder Woman although Cymre’s archaeology outfit gets revamped each time she has a new adventure. Never-the-less my take on Wonder Woman may have been my most successful outfit from my Warcraft Supers series. I know a few readers have their favourites though :)

So I’ve been trying to farm the Starfire Tiara A LOT since my Warcraft Supers series began. Originally, I was going to farm it on my Paladin as the outfit uses a mix of armour types, as do most of them. However, I felt if anyone should have the item, it should be my main Cymre – she’s the one who inspires all of my transmog and RP designs.

The hardest part about farming the tiara though was not hoping for the right item to drop but having to run almost the entire section of UBRS to see if the rare had even spawned. I wish I had a number for how many times I had to reset the place but the fact that he only spawns in the Furnace room (which is right next to the Beast’s Room) is the most time consuming part of the whole thing. You can use a targeting macro for him but he will only pop up as you’re descending the ramp into the Furnace Room.

During my frustrations last night, I tweeted…

There were also two instances of the Rend encounter bugging out which included him not coming down so I had to hearth out. Last night, I jumped down to fight Rend, alt+tabbing while I waited for the first wave and the few I pulled on the way there. Unfortunately, when I tabbed back in, I saw I was next to two gates in a dark corner with about 20 mobs on me. So I took care of the mobs only to realise that my suspicion was correct. I was behind the gate where the waves come out >.<

Arg! I was stuck again.

It seemed like such a waste, being so close to the end point. I tried aggroing the eggs to see if the gate opened but that didn’t work  so I logged out where I was and went to bed. Today, since I was still inside the instance, I tried one more time.

EEE! He was there!

I was praying that he would finally drop the item I needed so I wouldn’t have to come back. I couldn’t believe that he had. I was squeeing over and over. I think Cool might be a little more deaf now :P

Starfire Tiara

So here are the two cloth pieces I used in the original design (plus belt)

Superhero Sunday – Wonder Woman

You can see my Warcraft Supers post for the full costume which includes a sword and shield.

Phew! That’s one more thing off my bucket list :)