Noooo… I can’t believe it! The Robes of Koegler no longer display the lovely oriental design I first fell in love with. :(

I’d hoped this was a bug and not an intended change but it seems my fear has been confirmed. For two weeks, I had the pleasure of designing a set around these robes. It was coming along nicely until I logged on to find this weird bug after a mini patch (or so I thought).

Robes of Koegler-changed

Apparently, a GM said there were no plans to change the design so it looked like some sort of update bug. However, another player mentioned the graphic was only temporary and was not supposed to go live. The latter makes sense as you’d expect the NPCs to have a unique look but I just wish I’d taken more pictures back then. Gentle San even sports a red version.

Robes of Koegler- red version

Never-the-less, we can always enjoy this lovely piece of fanart drawn by Samaramon.


It was nice while it lasted…