The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman is a rare spawn which appears on the north side of Cattail Lake in the Valley of the Four Winds. As expected, he’s quite transparent, so he’s quite easy to miss if you don’t have names turned on.

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman

He even sparkles!

“Beautiful day for fishing, don’t you think? You a fisherman, [name]? I’ve got this old fishing charm if you’d like it, works wonders in the waters here.”

Being the first one to talk to him (and click through his chat response) will reward you with the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. However, he despawns once he’s given away the charm so be quick to talk to him if you see him.

Also make sure you have a free spot in your bags before you select the chat bubble so the trip wasn’t wasted.

Lost and Found

You can also get the Lost and Found exploration achievement for finding one of the lost treasures hidden throughout Pandaria. BONUS!

Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm-fishing

The item itself is reusable and doesn’t need to be added to a pole like a lure so feel free to fish without one if desired. I tested the charm in a couple of Pandarian pools and can confirm that on occasion, you’ll get 2x [fish] per cast instead of one. Just don’t forget to change your fishing spell in the Profession book if fishing poleless is not working for you.