Last night I was catching up on the latest From Draenor with Love comic when I ended up walking away with something unexpected. So after a round of pet battling, I logged onto my mage and headed over to Scarlet Halls. Ah, Scarlet Halls, we do have a bit of history don’t we… especially on my first two trips there.

For those who don’t know, there’s a book in Flameweaver Koegler’s room that teaches you the Teleport: Dalaran spell (as long as he doesn’t set fire to the shelves). Now you may be thinking that’s old news but there’s a twist. It teleports you to the OLD Dalaran location in Hillsbrad.

Ancient Dalaran Tome

When Coolidge logged in last night I said I wanted to show him something. So I told him to fly to my location in the Vale and to not focus on where I was sending him. Little did I know that I hit the Teleport: Dalaran spell instantly teleporting me to the Dalaran crater – only I was in mid-air and falling. Having seen the comic I expected this but I was a bit shocked that it was my personal port and not the group one. As someone who hasn’t used her slow fall or played her mage for such a long time, I had forgotten where I put the spell so I fell to my death.

So in an attempt to be quick but remain casual, I told Coolidge to “just wait there, I’d be back in a jiffy so I spoke to the Spirit and rezzed my body. Meanwhile, I looked up Wowhead to see where I could get the Portal: Dalaran spell. For those interested, you can buy the tome from Endora Moorehead in Dalaran’s Magical supply shop for a cheap price.

Endora Moorehead

Once I had learnt the spell, I ported back to the Vale. Again I told Coolidge not to look at the location but to just go through. I went through first, hitting my slow fall button and expected to see Cool’s body fall to earth in a bubble. There was nothing. I looked up and saw he was still on his Jade panther mount… sigh.


This time the only casualty was Jorny…