It all started with a simple daily and wanting to be helpful. You know the quest The Mile-High Grub where it’s not unusual for people to wait until someone’s already fighting around the pot to start collecting their 20 bowls of stew? I flew over to find a female human paladin fighting three mobs already so I thought I would just start collecting my bowls. When I had finished, I saw the Soupmaster running up to the pot so I quickly mounted up and started flying away when I thought I would go back and help this paladin (who was still killing the same three mobs) by killing the Soupmaster who had now aggroed onto her. Once I had finished him off I saw that she was spam healing herself and then suddenly her pants were off. I thought this was a bit odd being mid-combat and all but my first thought was that she was flirting with me. I soon realised this wasn’t the case.

Gimme Pants

I always thought the Kunzen Collectors were some funky looking mobs and when I killed one in the beta, I was half hoping they would drop their hats as loot or something similar. As a caster in a dress, I’ve never noticed this before but they STOLE MY PANTS! Cool said he told me about this once before but I probably didn’t think anything of it at the time because he says random things to me all the time. :P

Just after it happened I went to Twitter thinking it was something new…

SkolnickWho WhaWhat?

To SkolnickWho I was in my underpants after the hozen in the mountains stole my pants LOL (on my pali)

SkolnickWho Wow.. I hadn’t noticed that before. I will try to pay attention and see what crazy tactics they use.

Apsana Yes! I noticed this as well!

Snack_road Yes, the Kunzen Collectors have the “Steal Pants” ability, that does exactly whay it says on the tin!

To Snack_road I was helping an alliance chick kill some and I thought she was flirting with me or something when she took off her pants :P Glad that wasn’t the case….

Snack_road hahahahaha, no, no thats not the case, I don’t think. Least effective flirt ever, too

Wenchmagnet they’ve always done that lol!

I guess it wasn’t.

Lesson learnt – Never take your pants for granted!