After my confident start a few days ago, I was pretty eager to give Fran and Riddoh another try. On the first attempt, I was really close having killed Riddoh and was a nitch from killing Fran when the fireballs came down. If you’re lucky, the landmines will be placed around your pet and not you.

On the second attempt, I managed to dot Fran up a bit while whittling down Riddoh completing the challenge pretty close to the wire.


King Kulaka: Fear and tendrils worked well against this King Krush look-a-like, not to mention my speedy bubble when he got too close.

Rank 3

Blat – A combination of fears, tendrils and kiting will get this replicating slime down but I tried to do as much damage right off the bat – before there were too many copies of him. Thankfully you can just focus on the original while kiting them around otherwise they will build up a lot of damage on you very quickly.

Sanoriak – First of all Firewall hurts! So interrupt or run out of it ASAP. As usual, fear works on him so I took advantage of that and my fiend to DPS him quickly.

Ixx – The hardest thing about this fight is getting caught in his Devastating Thrust (which is his only ability) but considering he casts is so often, you really need to be on your toes for this one. Running through him was still getting me killed so I tried standing right underneath him for less running time. He’s also immune to CC so is my bottleneck boss at the moment.

Two more and I can buy the pet. >.<