It can be an expensive task power-levelling a profession on a faction with limited resources. I’m so used to having pretty much anything at my disposal on my main faction/server but when I recently dropped one profession for another (on Alliance), I slowly worked on getting my enchanting back to where it was and more.

Yesterday, I spent a while farming up infinite dust having run out of funds and looking for where to go. In the end, I headed over to Dalaran to run-through the three ICC dungeons (having not done them on my level 88 priest). This gave me enough materials to get from 369 to 390 enchanting for Abyssal Shatter. If you’re lucky, shattering the Abyss Crystals will give you 10x Infinite Dust (or between 2-6x Greater Cosmic Essence) each time.

With the materials on hand, I was able to level up to 417 without having to buy any extra materials (except recipes from the trainer) which aren’t bad for an extra 48 skill points.

At the moment, I’m stuck on Hypnotic Dust, so I’ve been farming in Deepholm for the cloth and greens. Unfortunately, this has netted me more Lesser Celestial Essence from making the Deathsilk Bracers rather than dust. On another note, I looted two lockboxes which I’ve been having trouble opening after my lack of proficiency after dropping BS’ing. Two did try… a 40 something rogue who was too low and Veluxia on her lock. Turns out the explosives were too low as well. Sadly, I did still possess a key for someone to use (from levelling up my BS’ing) but that didn’t pan out either.

The other day I was meaning to take a pic with Veluxia after running into her at the AH but I only thought of it after the fact. So today, I took the opportunity to fix that. However, there was one thing bugging me big time – my unmogged set! Urg, questing and dungeon gear just wasn’t cutting it so I headed to the transmogrifier and loaded up my items to mog but… I had no gold. How embarrassing. :P

Levelling two professions were taking everything out of me. Luckily for me, Vel knew my predicament and offered to give me some Gold, allowing me to mog my set after all. <3

I liked how we both sported sets using a different predominant colour, although being a Horde player I was sporting blue and Vel was sporting red as Alliance.


Look at that! A Grand Marshal title. You can’t see it but I always sport my Lieutenant Commander title which is the highest title I achieved before they removed them from the game.

From there we started talking about being Disc priests, pet battling, PVP battles and stones (or lack thereof) before I headed off to do my dailies on Horde.

Veluxia chat Red and Blue

So thx for the chat and loan Veluxia, it’s always nice to find someone who has so many similar interests, even though I’m not so dedicated to my pet levelling and PVP battles. :P