I don’t remember ever hearing about this when I was in Northrend but did you know that bags of popcorn and peanuts exist in the game? If not, head to the Ampitheater of Anguish in Zul’Drak, to locate the Amphitheater Vendor who sells various snacks. Once you are close to him (and grounded), send him a /wave to get a Bag of Popcorn, Bag of Peanuts, and even some Anguish Ale.

Bag of Peanuts

He won’t throw you something every time but it will be one of the three items. I managed to get two of the snacks even though I was only interested in the popcorn. So the next time you’re watching something interesting in-game, why not stock up on some conjured snacks and enjoy the show.

munching on popcorn

Apparently there’s a female snacks vendor too who does the same thing.