By now, many of you have followed my Cymre Jones adventures which have been a lot of fun to share. At first, it was really just a natural progression of my love of Archaeology as I adopted the surname that brought Harrison Jones to the game.

As her experiences grew and interests diversified, she thrived on finding new artifacts and treasures across all the zones of Pandaria. As a reflection of this, her attire began to incorporate some of these new additions. Sometime later, I wanted to go for a slightly more feminine approach dropping the vest for good.

But with more Lara Croft and less Harrison Jones in mind, I had a good look at what I would like as her ‘ideal’ outfit (which has no armour limitations) so the shared topic I suggested last year would follow my latest selection rather than the one I suggested for the post. I’m not sure if her title quite fits now either but a lot of NPCs don’t have titles anyway.

Cymre Jones sunglasses The Evolution of Cymre Jones

So here she is – my would-be NPC in-game. There’s no harm in wishing is there?