While pet battling yesterday, I received a random whisper from another priest implying I was the first Relic Hunter on my server. I told her I had no idea if this was the case and asked if there was a way you could look this up somewhere. I’d be ecstatic if it were true after my history of all things relic (Archaeology, Cymre Jones adventures, as well as finding all the lost treasures and relics around Pandaria.

She then stated, “everyone I know says you are”. Wow, really? I had no idea it was even a subject or a given. So I asked for some names although I didn’t recognise two of the three names she gave me.

She went on to say “I saw you in Dread Wastes with the title a little bit after release if I remembered right” and that she was one relic off from the title as well. She also knew of one other person on Alliance who had the title – another priest.

A short time later, she whispered me again to say that she found her last item and wished her my congratulations on finding the last Klaxxi weapon she needed.

What can I say, must be a priest thing…

By the way, Cymre Jones is getting a makeover. She’ll be a little less Indiana Jones and more Lara Croft. I just wish there were more suitable items that I could use for that.

WTB my own NPC, please Blizzard.