It was extremely unusual to see a BE on an undead horse, at least during BC, but it was Coolidge’s idea when I wanted to ride something more unique than a hawkstrider. He knew how much I loved riding my human’s racial mount in vanilla so it was a great idea. In fact, it took me ages to choose a horse to ride back then – I ended up buying one in the Wetlands after an hour or so. :P

As a Horde player, this was the next best thing as I worked on my Undercity rep.

Here we are in Blades Edge Mountains on a rather sad day. We had to change our names due to a character violation so this was the last pic I took before we were forced to change them.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in Strat, first on my hunter farming a couple of bone slicing hatchets (since I loved duel-wielding) and then later doing those timed runs for our dungeon upgrade chains. Now and then, I would farm the place for Rivendare’s mount but that became pretty boring for the amount of effort it took.

It’s been a while since I stepped into Stratholme, but today I had the urge to try my luck again. As I reached the end of the fourth reset of the day, an epic drop stood out. EEE! It was the mount earning me the Feat of Strength – Deathcharger’s Reins.

Blood Elf riding Rivendare's Reins Rivendare's Reins - special

I’m still a fair way off from 200 mounts but it feels great to get another one out of the way.