As soon as I logged in today, Coolidge asked to confirm my Battlenet email so at first I thought the Blossoming Ancient had been added to the Pet Store. When I saw the email though, I was surprised to see the name of a mount and one that I didn’t know about.

He told me not to look at the icon when I redeemed the code but it’s a bit hard not to and then when I logged into the game to retrieve it from the mail, I started reading the letter aloud but he told me to stop to avoid spoiling the surprise but it was too late. Ooh, a bat!

The letter left me quite intrigued:

The monstrous, flesh-eating bloodwing bat hails from the misty jungle islands of the South Seas, where it is the undisputed ruler of the night sky.

This particular specimen has been trained as a mount and girded for battle in armor fashioned from a rare ore known only as “heavy metal.”

Mei Francis
Exotic Mounts

The South Seas? How exciting but now the only thing left to do was to see how it looked in action.

Armored-Bloodwing-desent Armored-Bloodwing-face

The /mountspecial animation includes a barrel roll and just look at those eyes and teeth!

Funnily enough, I thought my shadow mog went pretty well with it already but I couldn’t help thinking of the vampire inspired mog I created as part of Mog Madness. I foresee some trips into ICC in the near future.

This makes mount 190 (according to my paladin)… which is one more towards Mount Parade.

Thx again Coolidge. She’s spectacular!