While doing my Darkspear Revolutionary chain earlier, Navi tried to invite to group so I asked her “what’s up?” At first I thought she wanted to see me as a tauren again since I changed my race back yesterday but when she was invited to group, she was phased. However, a couple of minutes later I finished my quest and could see her so she cheered and opened trade with me.

The item she placed in the trade window was accompanied by: “I am not a jc or and engineer but I wanted to help!” Surely this was in relation to a comment I made on Arv‘s blog recently.

OMG! A Big Battle Bear which is one of the TCG mounts and totally unexpected to say the least.


Doesn’t he look great on my hunter? So much so I thought I was only fitting that I change my ground mount to this menacing looking bear although I was a little curious to see how he would look on a blood elf. Short of switching to my main, I did the next best thing.


Thx so much Navi. :D