After some difficulty getting a raid together for Niuzao, the last Celestial I needed for The Emperor’s Way, I managed to get my quest done before heading off to see Wrathion and Lorewalker Cho in the Seat of Knowledge. It was here that I witnessed a very cool cutscene retelling my very own storyline over the last few months.


Cooler still was walking outside to see yourself on display.


On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting to see the wings proc so often though. I can understand when you’re casting spells but I think it will get old pretty quickly otherwise. Never-the-less it feels great to have it completed. The last thing I have to do is kill Garrosh for Judgement of the Black Prince below.

As a reminder, here’s the series of quests we had:

  1. A Reckoning
  2. Celestial Blessings – I’m still quite amazed at the attention my video received from this
  3. Cloak of Virtue
  4. Preparing to Strike
    Meet Me Back at the Inn
  5. A Timeless Discovery
  6. Secrets of the Timeless Isle
    The Emperor’s Way
  7. A Pandaren Legend
  8. Judgment of the Black Prince