These mobs are now listed as rare spawns in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They are also a requirement for the achievement One Many Army and drop the new cooking ingredients, Elixir of Wandering Spirits and Treasures of the Vale.


Cracklefang: Located south of Whitepetal Lake on the northeast side of the mountain. He is surrounded by some gore and bones in a small den.

General Temuja

General Temuja: He patrols around the mogu camps in Winterbough Glade.


Aetha: On top of the mountains, south of Mistfall Village.

Spirit of Lao-Fe

Spirit of Lao-Fe: In a cave in the centre of Tu Shen Burial Ground. The cave is on the northern cliff face.

Gao-hun the Soul-Severer

Gaohun the Soul-Severer: Just as you enter the main chamber of Guo-Lai Halls.


Wulon: At the back of Silent Sanctuary above Mistfall Village. He reanimates as soon as you get within melee range.


Huo-Shuang: Inside Guo-Lai Halls just as you open the doors to the Hall of the Serpent.


Kri-chon: At the Gate of the Setting Sun behind the massive gate.


Vicejaw: On the western shore of old Whitepetal Lake, surrounded by Saurok corpses.

Shadowmaster Sydow

Shadowmaster Sydow: At the base of the old waterfall west of Mistfall Village.


Quid: In the Sha affected area of Summer Fields. Between the now destroyed Golden Pagoda and Mogu’shan Palace.

Baolai the Immolator

Baolai the Immolator: Located by the well in the Ruins of Guo-Lai. He is surrounded by pandaren corpses.


Bloodtip: In the Guo-Lai Ritual Chamber inside Guo-Lai Halls (to the right of the large chamber after you enter).

Gochao the Ironfist

Gochao the Ironfist: Inside the cave at Ruins Rise.

Bai-Jin the Butcher

Bai-Jin the Butcher: Located at the base of the Five Sisters.


Vyraxxis: Located on the wall north of the Gate of the Setting Sun. He is around the same location as the signal fire before Commander Ri’mok during the instance.