There are currently 10 pets from the Feast of Winter Veil. You’re a Mean One… is a daily quest that requires you to save Metzen the Reindeer and recover some stolen treats after defeating The Abominable Greench.

Just make your way to the Growless Cave in the Alterac Mountains (south of the Ruins of Alterac) to find the Greench standing guard outside.

winter veil 2 Winter Veil Pets

Completing the quest rewards you with a Stolen Present and a small chance to contain:

Rotten Little Helper

The Gaily Wrapped Present found under the tree has a chance to contain:

Grumpling can be looted from the snow mounds in Frosfire Ridge, Draenor.

The Globe Yeti spawns inside the Snow Globes of your capital cities.

Globe Yeti - Winter Veil 2017