There are lots of exciting additions this year including a new pet, mount, several toys and 4 garrison daily quests:

  1. Where Are the Children?
  2. What Horrible Presents!
  3. Menacing Grumplings
  4. Grumpus

Completing them will reward 5x Merry Supplies each day.


Players who have completed Harrison Jones’ Gronnsbane questline should recognise the alter directly beneath Grumpus.

Garrison Decorations

These may be purchased from your garrison event coordinator Izzy Hollyfizzle for 5x Merry Supplies each and require a level 3 garrison to display. Decorations are account bound so you can technically have all the decorations on one character that first day if you have 4 alts to do the dailies.


Once you have all the decorations, extra currency may be used to buy a toy and Savage Gift.

Savage Gift


Grumpling may be looted from Snow Mounds around Grumpus in Frostfire Ridge. I managed to get mine after my 6th snow mound but get ready to have these stolen from right under your feet. WTB shared looting in Legion. Note he’s uncommon when learnt and can be caged.




The Minion of Grumpus has a chance to be looted from the Savage Gift (mine took seven attempts).

Smokywood Pastures Special Gift

The reward from the Treats for Great-Father Winter quest may contain: